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Mauritius Compensation & Benefits

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Finding the perfect employees to build your business in Mauritius is just one step in the expansion process. After you locate and recruit the right talent, you need to come up with a compensation and benefits plan for each person. Mauritius compensation and benefit outsourcing with Globalization Partners can take the hassle out of learning new regulations, sourcing benefits, and ensuring that you’re compliant. With our team of experts on your side, you can relax knowing your compensation and benefits are taken care of.

Mauritius Compensation Laws

Mauritius’ minimum wage rates range by zones. For example, workers labeled as unskilled in the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) must make at least 607 Mauritian rupees per week. Any factory worker labeled as unskilled who works outside the EPZ makes 794 rupees per week. The government sets these minimum wage rates by sector, and they can change each year based on the inflation rate, so it’s important to keep an eye on any potential changes.

Mauritius compensation laws also stipulate that employees get an end-of-year bonus that’s equal to 1/12 of their regular salary. Mauritius’ National Assembly formally recognized this entitlement as part of the employment package for employees who have worked with the same employer for a year. If an employee has worked for you for less than a year, they’ll still get the bonus if they’re employed as of December 31 of that year and have performed enough normal days of work.

Guaranteed Benefits for Mauritius Employees

Your Mauritius benefit management plan must include statutory benefits that every employee is legally entitled to. For example, every employee in Mauritius generally gets 20 days of paid annual leave and 21 days of paid sick leave each year. Female employees typically get 12 weeks of paid maternity leave that’s split into six weeks before the birth and six weeks after. They should get full pay if they’ve worked for you for more than 12 months. New dads get five days of paid paternity leave.

Mauritius Benefit Management Plan

You should also include supplemental benefits as a part of your Mauritius benefit management plan. While these benefits aren’t required by law, they can attract more people to your open positions and encourage a better retention rate. Common additional benefits include a company car, a housing allowance, and school fees. Once you decide on any benefits to offer, make sure they’re outlined in a written employment contract so that employees know exactly what they’re receiving.

Restrictions for Benefits and Compensation

The biggest restriction regarding benefits and compensation is that you must establish a subsidiary before you can offer them to employees. While you can opt for Mauritius benefit and compensation outsourcing, you’ll still have to go through a lengthy subsidiary setup process before you can hire employees.

Globalization Partners changes the Mauritius benefit outsourcing process by acting as the Employer of Record. We can source the best benefits for your employees, ensure you meet all Mauritius compensation laws, and put the worry of compliance on our own shoulders instead of yours.

Why Choose Mauritius Compensation Outsourcing?

If you’re ready to expand to Mauritius, Globalization Partners can help.┬áContact us today┬áto learn more about our services.

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