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Mauritius Recruiting & Hiring

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While expansions are an extremely exciting time for your company, they’re not without challenges. One of the biggest is sourcing the right talent for your open positions in Mauritius. If you’re planning to handle the recruitment process on your own, you’ll need to develop an understanding of the culture and business etiquette in Mauritius. While you could choose Mauritius hiring outsourcing services, you’ll still have to learn every aspect of the country’s employment compliance laws to keep your company running within regulation.

Globalization Partners has a different solution. We’re a global PEO, and we can hire employees who work for you — you won’t have to set up a subsidiary first. We’ll also take on all matters of compliance so that you can instead focus on growing a new business location.

Recruiting in Mauritius

Navigating cultural differences can be a challenge when you’re recruiting in any country, and Mauritius is no exception. However, an open mind and a basic understanding of business etiquette will go a long way in making sure the recruitment process is a success. The following guidelines will help as you begin meeting and interviewing prospective employees in Mauritius.

1. Greet With a Handshake

In Mauritius, people might greet one another in a number of ways based on their ethnic and cultural background as well as the nature of their relationship. In professional settings, you should stick to offering a firm handshake. One possible exception occurs when a man is greeting a woman in a business setting. In this case, the man should wait to see if the woman feels comfortable shaking hands. If she doesn’t initiate the gesture, a smile and a nod is an acceptable greeting.

2. Stay Mindful of Dietary Preferences and Restrictions

Mauritius is a diverse country full of different cultures and religions. If you plan to share a meal with new hires or prospective employees, you should take care to accommodate their dietary preferences to the best of your abilities.

Islam and Hinduism are both prevalent religions in Mauritius. Muslim Mauritians will typically avoid pork and alcohol, while Hindu Mauritians tend to avoid beef. Some Hindus avoid meat and eggs altogether. If you’re meeting at a restaurant, it’s best to choose one with a diverse menu that all of your guests can enjoy.

3. Be Punctual

Mauritians tend to value proper time management in social and professional situations. Transportation systems tend to run on time in the country, so you can generally count on prospective employees to arrive at meetings and interviews on time. If you happen to be running a few minutes late for a meeting with a candidate, you should get in touch with them to let them know in advance.

A Look at the Recruitment Process in Mauritius

As you begin the process of staffing in Mauritius, you’ll want to make sure you’re utilizing the best recruitment channels. While there’s a wide pool of talent in the region, you’ll still have to put in the work to attract the right professionals to your business.

Many companies in Mauritius rely on recruitment agencies to fill their open positions. If you choose to do the same, make sure the agency you select is qualified to get you the results you want. Some agencies also come with steep recruiting fees. Partnering with a global PEO is one way to get around the challenges of traditional recruitment.

Legal Requirements During the Recruitment Process

Under the Mauritian Constitution, individuals are protected against discrimination based on:

  • Race
  • Caste
  • Place of origin
  • Color
  • Creed
  • Sex
  • Political opinion

Mauritian law states that prospective employers cannot discriminate against potential hires at any point during the recruitment process, from the job advertisements they post to the conditions of the employment offer.

You can take a number of steps to ensure that your company complies with these legal requirements. You should be mindful of the language you use in advertisements and postings for the positions you have available at your company, avoiding the mention of any traits that are not true requirements for the job. You should also take care not to ask candidates any direct questions about their religion or other protected characteristics.

If you’re concerned about complying with these requirements, you may choose to partner with a global PEO that has extensive experience with Mauritian laws and regulations.

How to Hire Mauritius Employees

Mauritius requires all employers to put a strong employment contract in place when hiring employees. This document should be in the local language and include information on compensation, benefits, termination requirements, and more. You should always use Mauritian rupee for any salary or compensation amounts rather than a foreign currency. If you decide to hire Mauritius employees alone instead of outsourcing, you should work with a lawyer or consultant to make sure your employment contract meets the country’s laws and regulations.

Mauritius Employment Compliance Laws

In general, employees shouldn’t work more than eight hours a day if you hope to stay compliant. If one of your employees works six days a week, one of those days should include no more than five hours of work even though the worker get compensated for eight. Mauritius does not have any employment compliance laws related to overtime except that an employer can’t require a worker to perform excess work unless the employee is given 24 hours’ notice.

How to Onboard New Employees

While there isn’t a single way to onboard new employees, you can take some steps to ensure that they’re comfortable in their new position. If you can, try to fly to Mauritius to be present for a new employee’s training week, or at least for the first day. It’s also good practice to review an employee’s written employment contract with them on their first day. In addition, you should discuss any company code of conduct documents or other rules such as dress code, communication policies, and more.

Benefits of Mauritius Hiring Outsourcing

You have two options for Mauritius hiring outsourcing — a hiring agency or a global PEO. While a hiring agency can help you find talent for your open positions, you’ll still be held accountable for all Mauritius employment compliance laws. If you don’t understand these complex laws, you’ll need to hire someone or train a current employee for the task.

On the other hand, a global PEO such as Globalization Partners can hire Mauritius employees on your behalf and shoulder all matters of compliance. You won’t have to establish a subsidiary to start working in Mauritius, and we can help you begin growing your company in a few days.

Why Work With Globalization Partners?

If you want to know more about how to hire employees in Mauritius, contact us today. We’re excited to help you along your journey.

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