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Compensation and benefits are valuable in every country, including Fiji. When you’re managing these aspects of employment, you need to consider national labor laws and how to make your company appealing to potential employees. With G-P, you gain access to expert benefits and compensation outsourcing, so your employees can receive the support they deserve.

Fiji Compensation Laws

Wage laws in the country often stem from the creation of wages councils. These boards are created when proper compensation is not met within an industry. All employment sectors have their own wages council that determines the industry’s minimum wage, overtime payment, and hourly limitations. Councils will also create additional compensation laws when necessary.

The country’s national labor laws outline general compensation requirements. For example, employees can receive their salary via check or have their paycheck deposited directly into their bank account. Employees can work for six days a week, at 48 hours per week, or five days a week, at 45 hours or less a week.

Guaranteed Benefits in Fiji

A benefits plan for any country should include statutory and supplementary benefits. Fiji’s required benefits encompass entitlements such as time off, maternity leave and pension accessibility. For every year of service, workers receive 10 paid days off. They also get 11 public holidays off, and women receive 84 days of paid maternity leave.

Employees can choose to contribute to a provident fund — the minimum requirement is 8% of earnings, but individuals can contribute up to 12%. As an employer, you need to provide at least 10% to this fund and the absolute maximum combined contribution from you and the employee is 30%.

Wages councils may determine more required benefits for specific industries if workers have similar needs.

Fiji Benefits Management

Meeting legally required minimums is vital for keeping your international business compliant, while additional benefits can make your open positions appealing. When you offer more than the minimums, you encourage your employees to work harder and help them feel supported within the workplace. Additional benefits may include:

  • Contributions to medical insurance.
  • Housing.
  • Meal vouchers or provisions.

You want candidates to choose your company over the competition, and fair wages and benefits are one of the best ways to do that. Following legal requirements also keeps your company compliant, which is crucial to your success.

When you’re managing your company from another country with different labor laws, it can be challenging to stay on top of every requirement. At G-P, we offer compensation and benefits outsourcing services in Fiji to simplify your international expansion. Our team of legal experts takes the guesswork out of wages and benefits.

We’ll also ensure your employment contracts comply with local laws and that your benefits packages are competitive within the hiring landscape. Your benefits offerings can scale with you, so you’re never providing more than you can afford, leading to happier employees and greater success.

Restrictions for Benefits and Compensation

The Employment Relations Promulgation and the wages councils for various industries determine all laws and restrictions for compensation and benefits. These systems often make changes over time, so it’s crucial to stay updated on the latest regulations. This awareness means keeping your employment contracts compliant from the drafting stage and throughout the length of employment.

Choose G-P Today

An international expansion is a significant move for any company, and it can be a challenge to handle on your own. When you work with G-P, you can access a reliable team of legal and HR experts to ensure your employment is legal and appealing.

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