Building a Strong Remote Work Culture: Connection, Conversation, and Community


Allie KovalikSr. Community and Culture Manager

About this webinar

Building a Strong Remote Work Culture: Connection, Conversation, and Community.

An office should be more than just a place to generate income. Employees should be able to form bonds with their teams, share experiences, and feel part of a community. When companies foster a work culture in which their employees can connect, they create a healthy work environment that improves the job experience and boosts productivity. However, in today’s remote work era, organizations are facing a new roadblock: If connection promotes the company culture, how can remote workplaces without the advantage of meeting face to face create this type of community?

Thanks to advanced technology designed to streamline virtual communication, remote companies can establish strategies to overcome this challenge. For example, instant messaging platforms and video conferencing applications can facilitate regular team-based conversations and social meetings to maintain a strong sense of connection and community. Remote companies that understand the value of working towards an engaging and inclusive work culture will see a boost in productivity and employee retention.

In this session, Allie Kovalik, Sr. Community and Culture Manager at Globalization Partners, will share her expertise about:

  • The challenges of creating a human-centric, engaging digital work culture.
  • The best strategies to foster connection between remote employees.
  • How to leverage technology to facilitate regular conversation and connections throughout the organization.

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