Accessing world-class talent is a challenging endeavor in the current job market. As we mentioned in our piece, “The Importance of Hiring Top Talent Acquisition Specialists” employees now have the upper hand in choosing their employer — something that has traditionally been the other way around.

However, it’s essential that companies learn how to navigate this obstacle, particularly to access professionals for critical roles like talent acquisition specialists. Establishing a team with a deep understanding of how the local job market works and what top candidates are looking for might be the difference between your company’s success and failure. Below are three strategies to find talent acquisition specialists who will help scale your company

Promote a thoughtful and collaborative company culture

Your company culture matters, a lot — even more so when trying to grow your talent acquisition team, simply because these candidates will prioritize working for a company that has appealing values and workplace practices, as this is what they will be selling to future candidates.

Building a world-class talent acquisition team is a lot easier if the organizational culture values work-life balance and the idea that employees should never feel overworked or burnt out.

In the same sense, companies that ensure their employees feel integrated into the culture show talent acquisition candidates that they are thoughtful and, ultimately, efficient, as employees who feel supported and confident with everyday workflows are often more productive. This will also help you establish a clear and collaborative company mission and goals — something that many candidates look for in a potential employer, particularly professionals with talent acquisition experience.

Establish a system where recruiting is a priority, not an urgency

The talent shortage has created operational and service limitations within many companies. One impact of this shortage is a larger workload for employees, which then often leads to burnout and increased risk of lower-quality work. Talent acquisition teams are impacted by this, perhaps even more so than most professionals, as their success relies heavily on their ability to navigate this talent shortage.

Ensure you clearly communicate that new recruitment specialists aren’t going to experience difficulties like being overworked. Emphasizing that you have adopted new practices to overcome the talent shortage will make sure candidates know they will be supported and valued in their new role. For example, maybe your company has extended its talent acquisition strategy across the world, assuring your new team members they won’t feel the burden of long hours and frustrations that come with the challenge of finding local talent that simply isn’t there

Look within your company for potential talent acquisition specialists and managers

According to SHRM, “people with expertise in their industry can be good at recruiting talent for that industry, for example, and workers in other industries who are looking for a career change might already have what it takes to be a good recruiter: strong communication and organizational skills, persistence, and sociability.”

Talent acquisition specialists must know more than the skill sets top candidates should possess – they must understand the company culture, the brand, and its goals. In that sense, hiring internally for your talent acquisition specialist role might be highly beneficial to your company.

While there must be trainings on how to source, interview, select, and onboard candidates for internal employees without experience in recruitment, they will already be familiar with the parts of your company they’ll need to promote to future talent, saving your organization time and money.

The truth is, there are no shortcuts to growing your talent acquisition team. It is hard work that takes time and effort, but if done well, can have a tremendous impact for your company.

How can Globalization Partners help?

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